As such, the project objectives are to provide training courses to improve the skills of young children, their teachers and their families in

  • Recognition of risk situation
  • Transform a risk situation into a safe situation
  • Recognising sources of danger
  • Evacuation: how to act, evacuate and leave in a fast and safe manner
  • Calling for the emergency services
  • How to ract in case of accident (burns/scalds)

Our main training themes are:
  • Risk of fires caused at home
  • Risk of burns caused at home
  • Preventing fires at home
  • Preventing burns at home
  • First aids in case of burns
  • How to react in case of fire

The programme provides good opportunities for schools to:
  • open up to their local community, its local organisations (NGOs, fire brigades, hospitals, public authorities, police
    forces, etc) and work together with them in the implementation of the SOS Fire! Week programme.
  • Introduce new teaching and learning methods that could be used by teachers in schools during their lessons.
  • Bring those external stakeholders to the school establishments so that they also contribute to binging up the future generation of responsible

Our training methods include:

  • information sessions adapted to different audiences.
  • animation and placement of a tent with smoke which aim is to create public awareness about the importance of having all household devices correctly supervised and the need to store smoke detectors.
  • Game Boards and toolkits for the young audiences.
  • Newsletters, messages on social media etc to raise awareness on prevention measures