What do Portuguese people know about burns and scalds? How can school improve pupils and parents’ health literacy regarding these issues?

These questions were addressed at a webinar organized in July by the Health School of Setúbal Polytechnic Institute (Portugal), with the presence of representatives from The Portuguese Burn Association and Setúbal Civil Protection and Fire Fighters. The results of an inquiry were presented and discussed and as well as teaching and learning materials translated and […]

Launch of the Romanian online questionnaire

👩‍🏫 If you are a teacher or work in a primary or secondary education institution in Romania, we invite you to complete the online SOS Fire questionnaire. 🚒 This questionnaire aims to assess the knowledge among the Romanian population about first aid in case of burns. This information will be used to identify which aspects […]

Support from young volunteers

On Saturday, June 27, 2020, during the meeting of the Local Youth Group – GLT Slatina-Timiș, from Slatina-Timiș locality, Caraș-Severin county, Romania, were distributed flyers and questionnaires made within the project. The young volunteers from GLT Slatina-Timiș expressed their agreement to support SVSU – Voluntary Services for Emergency Situations regarding the development of prevention actions […]

Meeting at the Permanence Center Slatina-Timiș

On June 12, 2020, during the meeting at the Permanence Center Slatina-Timiș, Romania, Ioan Suru (Expert in the project from The Open Network for Community Development Foundation) made a presentation of the SOS FIRE project and shared leaflets with project information. The doctors present assumed that they would present and talk about the project at […]

Visit to the City Hall of Slatina-Timiș

SOS Fire! continued today with the presentation of the project at Slatina-Timiș City Hall (Romania) in the presence of Mayor Gheorghe Roma, Deputy Mayor Vasile Dragomir and SVSU chief Rusalin Todor. Together with SVSU, the possibilities of using smoke detectors were analysed and discussed. Small leaflets were made on how to install these detectors and […]

The SOS Fire! officially started

The SOS Fire! officially started the activities. The first meeting took place in Belgium, between November 25-26, 2019. There were two full working days in which the partners got to know each other, presented the organizations they represent, established the role of each partner in the project, elected a committee work and the communication modalities […]